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About us

ZAMISLI2030 is a foresight-driven project centered on strengthening local knowledge and action on the Sustainable Development Goals. Foresight uses the future to initiate change in the present, and it is a widely used approach for enhancing policy and planning processes. By imagining alternative and preferred futures with citizens across Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are seeking to create ownership over the SDG’s and inspire action to create change today.

One of our first activities is to organize a series of workshops designed as an opportunity to bring together diverse groups of citizens to imagine viable pathways toward achieving the SDG’s. Participants at these events will learn about the SDG’s, explore specific goals and targets from local perspectives, localize targets by linking them to community and national-level challenges and opportunities, and prioritize the values, actions, and elements needed for realizing the SDG’s.

We have events planned for Vitez, Bihać, Banja Luka, Brčko, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Čapljina, Trebinje, Mostar

Additionally, we are also running an online competition: Postcards from the Futures. Citizens can contribute visions of the future, and the winner will receive a 500BAM prize. Additionally, we worked with a local artist to produce a series of postcards that we’re using at our event to inspire citizens to imagine possibilities for what might lie ahead.

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For more information on the Postcards from the Futures competition, click here