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About the Project

SDG Roll-Out and Private Sector Engagement aims to capacitate and prepare private and public sector partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the SDGs implementation, thus directly supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s efforts to contribute to the largest global agenda that exists today – Agenda 2030. The project envisages two outputs as follows:

→SDG Roadmap for Bosnia and Herzegovina developed, and implementation started.

→Private sector actors sensitized and engaged in SDGs prioritization, planning and   implementation.

The Project will help Bosnia and Herzegovina translate the ambitious 2030 Agenda into action, by bringing the relevant stakeholders together around the SDG Roadmap. This will entail an SDG aligning exercise, SDG planning, partnership building and introduction of adequate institutional arrangements, monitoring and reporting, as well as defining of a financing model. The SDG Roadmap will be a forward-looking agenda with a clear vision for the country to address the identified trends.

Efforts will be made to ensure strong business representation in the SDG planning process. Through structured consultations, private sector actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be sensitized and brought together around the sustainable development agenda. The focus will be on the important private sector role in this context, including in terms of their social responsibility, green businesses and greening businesses, as well as innovation and new business models, new business opportunities and markets. Profit-driven nature of companies will be kept in mind, figuring out ways to present SDG principles and values as future business opportunities that will enable companies to grow and contribute to development priorities.

Project is financed by SIDA and implemented by UNDP in BIH.