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About the SDG Business Week 2019

Following the results of the first High Level SDG Business Conference organized under the framework of the Project in June 2018, we use this consultation platform to further promote SDGs and raise awareness on the critical role businesses play in delivering on the promise of sustainable and inclusive development.

This time, instead of a one-day event, the platform will be organized in a longer timeframe (SDG Business Week) with number of individual activities that will be focused on the promotion of SDGs to private sector and future business leaders as well as the key stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The SDG Business Week agenda will consist of webinars, partner events, SDG Business Pioneers Award and promotion of research on SDGs in BiH.

Agenda of the SDG Business Week


June 10

12:00 - 15:00



The day 1 of the DIGITAL SDG BUSINESS WEEK will explore the business opportunities that emerge with the implementation of Agenda 2030 and why SDGs are important for the private sector. Also, we will contribute to discussions around how SDGs can be used as a guideline for making business more profitable while reducing resources and waste. In particular, the webinars will generate positive examples of “doing more with less” and optimisation of value chain performance. Our speakers for the day are:

Maja Hadžiselimović - Robotics engineer and programmer, MRK Systeme GmbH

Maja Hadžiselimović is a master of mechatronics at the University of Novi Sad. She is currently working in MRK Systeme GmbH as a software developer of robotics in the development of applications for human robots in the automotive industry, as well as in German Bionic Systems to develop the first industrial exoskeleton in Augsburg, Germany. Maja actively shares her experience in robotics and automation and motivates young people, especially girls, to take over robotics in BiH and become an active part of the IT sector. She is the national coordinator for the European Robotics Week in BiH and is responsible for the organization of events and the promotion of BiH institutions and companies that seek to bring STEM and research into robotics closer to the public. Her master’s thesis was among six projects selected worldwide for the KUKA Innovation Award 2016. Maja has been involved in several volunteer programs for children and charity organizations.

On the webinar, which will be available on Monday, 10. June from 12h for watching through the link, under the topic Education and critical thinking against fear of technology, Maja will talk about active participation in technology development, about which new professions are brought about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and how to prepare for these new professions.

Aida Hadžialić - Partner & Director, Nordic West Office

Aida Hadžialić is Swedish politician with strong BiH roots. She obtained law degree from University of Lund in 2010. At age 16 she became member of social democrats in Sweden (SSU) and very soon entered to the Halmstad city Parliament and then got elected as deputy mayor (2010 – 2014). At the age of 27, in 2014, she became the youngest minister in history of the Swedish Government. Mr Hadžalić served as the Minister for upper secondary and adult education until her resignation in 2016. She was declared one of the most talented young leaders in Sweden at numerous occassions. Ms Hadžalić now runs a consultancy in domain of global affairs, Nordic West Office and act as advisor in BMW foundation.

Ms Tereza Dohnalova MIWA – Minimum waste (2018 SDG Ceny award winners)

Every year we throw the enormous 2.12 billion tons of waste. If all that waste was put on trucks arranged one in front of the other – the length of the column would be equal to the length of the two circumferences of the planet Earth. Packaging’s and other waste are only moved from place to place in the hope that at least some of it will sometimes be recycled. And what if it were not there? It’s far more sensible to prevent the problem – people should not create waste at all. We should “pre-cycle”.
This is exactly the solution offered by the “MIWA” (Minimum Waste) initiative and educational platform that won the 2018 SDG Award in the Czech Republic in the Business category. MIWA Initiatives believe that education towards sustainable thinking is crucial if people want to accept shopping habits without packaging.
Tereza Dohnalova is the Head of Education and Event Manager, who manages the educational platform entitled “Minimum Waste”. She organizes various events on waste prevention and sustainable consumption – discussions, presentations, workshops, film screenings.

Theresa will present “Minimum Waste” on Monday, 10. June, from 12:00h, Live Stream from Sarajevo, and talk about waste prevention, sustainable consumption, and products without packaging.

So, say hello to pre-cycling!

School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo (live streaming)

June 11

12:00 - 15:00



The Day 2 of the DIGITAL SDG BUSINESS WEEK will focus on trends in job creation and innovation as well as possible scalable solutions that root on machine and/or deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The presenters will share their experience from individual, corporate and academic perspective on how decent jobs will be created in future and how the education needed for competitiveness will be provided, taking in consideration ethical dilemmas linked to automation. Following speakers will share their thoughts with us:

Ceco Gaković - CityOS

Ceco Gaković is an IT expert who has more than 20 years of successful business experiences in the Silicon Valley. During his rich career, even before social media, he was a part of many successful Internet and mobile startups, creating client portals such as U2.com, Madonna.com, NFL, NHL, NBA, Weather.com, National Geographic, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Harley Davidson, HBO, History Channel, Travel Channel, NBC Universal, Guinness World Records, etc. He worked in ten countries, on four continents.

In 2012, he founded the CityOS Foundation, where he dedicates time to help and promote the Smart Cities project. In 2014 CityOS team kicked off their European journey with Brave Startup program attended by 180 students and professional with a simple goal to awake best in them and start their Internet businesses. To many of them, this gave freedom to choose where and when they will work, freedom to choose to work only with people they respect, freedom to work on something meaningful, challenging, something that create real value and legacy. Freedom to push their limits every day.

Learn about stories of 2500 brilliant and skilled students and professionals from computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, urban architecture, traffic, biology, and other related disciplines that have since joined this revolution in education and developing new product and services. After helping many cities, startup hubs and labs Ceco will share CityOS Foundation innovative approach that speeds up product development often up to 10x times and brings sparks of innovation even in some of the least expected places like city government services and big corporations.

You have the chance to hear Ceco Gakovic on 10. June from 12h via Live Stream, but also live at the amphitheater “Centrotrans” at the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo.

Zlatan Tuce - HR manager Roche Pharma Germany

Zlatan Tuce is a psychologist by education. He says he is “in love with human resources management” and describes himself as a HR professional with international experience working with different clients from different countries. He is currently responsible for implementing and overseeing organizational development issues at Roche Pharma Germany. For 13 years of diverse HR experience, Zlatan has outperformed several HR areas with a focus on Talent & Career Management, Performance Management & Organizational Development. So far, he has been dealing with developing and implementing the abovementioned activities in international and domestic companies, at different levels in organizations.

In addition to his regular business, his passion is personal branding and career development. Zlatan likes to share ideas about personal development and growth and enjoys learning from successful people.

On Tuesday, 11. June, from 12:00h in the amphitheater “Centrotrans” at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo, Zlatan Tuce will talk about market trends in terms of career development, how the environment affects organizations, and how organizations affect the life of the employees? You can follow the lecture live, but also through live streaming.

If you are an employer – follow the lecture (live or online) and find out what you can do to overcome the challenges that are ahead of you, and if you are employee – to find out what are the new standards and what is and what will be “new normal” when it comes to jobs in the future.

Aleksandar Hangimana - CEO of ManpowerGroup Serbia

Aleksandar Hangimana started his career at ManpowerGroup in 2012, in the sales sector. Shortly thereafter, he was recognized as the leader of the company, which he still leads with great success, as the country’s director. ManpowerGroup, which has the vision to become a leader in creating and delivering innovative HR solutions and services, shares his knowledge, expertise, and resources so that anyone can understand what is important now and what will matter in the labor market. Aleksandar’s business is based on values ​​that promote people, knowledge and innovation.

He attributes the success of the company to its employees, believing that every business success is conditioned by the quality of people working in it. ManpowerGroup’s business policy is such that every contribution – employees, clients and candidates – is encouraged and rewarded. Today, ManpowerGroup, with more than 50 internally and 3,000 employees working for the client, is one of the fastest growing companies in its business.

Lecture at the amphitheater “Centrotrans” at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo, during which his experience, knowledge, advice and ideas will be presented by Aleksandar Hangimana on Tuesday, 11. June from 12:00h, can be followed through Live Streams.

Wiltrud Weidinger & Rolf Gollob Zurich University

Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Weidinger works at the University of Zurich as a professor of international education and transfer of knowledge in project management, design and planning, as well as implementation, evaluation and consulting in the Department for International Education Cooperation Projects at the University of the Teacher Education in Zurich, Switzerland. Her qualifications include a PhD in Education and a Master’s in Education/ Psychology at the University of Vienna, a master’s degree in School Psychology from the University of New York. As a project manager for JOBS Romania, the FACE Romania project and the DOCCU in Ukraine, she is familiar with SEE education systems and project implementation mechanisms. Her research expertise includes the personal competencies and lifestyle skills of adolescents and children, putting the focus on vulnerable groups.

She will be joined by prof. Dr Rolf Gollob, who worked as a primary school teacher before studying anthropology at the University of Zurich, during her lecture. After completing his studies, he devoted himself to ethnological research, and later became a lecturer at the University of Teacher Education in Zurich. He has been working for more than 20 years at the University of Zurich in the field of education on democracy and intercultural pedagogy. Since 1996, he has often traveled to South East and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa (often on behalf of the Council of Europe) as an expert on human rights education and democracy and didactics. Since 2006, together with prof. Dr. Wiltrude Weidinger, he is developing the Department for International Cooperation Projects in the field of education where, in addition to the work content, he is primarily responsible for acquisitions and networking.

School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo (live streaming)

June 12

12:30 - 16:00

SuperTribe session by Softhouse

On Wednesday, starting at 12h30 at the UN House, we are hosting an event organized by colleagues from Softhouse Balkans. Namely, LeadersTribe is gathering young business leaders who share experiences. This eleventh LeadersTribe will be about sustainable development and how we see the potential of development of 2030.

*Registered invitees only

19:00 - 21:30

SDG Business Pioneers Award

The SDG Business Pioneer Awards in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the first annual award of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of promoting the private sector’s activities in the field of sustainable development in the country.

The focus of this year’s award is the creation of good jobs and environmental protection. The award will identify the SDG Business Pioneers in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2019 in two thematic areas, namely “People” and “Resources and the Environment”. The prize will be awarded to small, medium and large businesses in BiH.
The SDG Business Pioneers Award will be held at the Sky Bar of Hotel Hills from 19h00-21h00 .

*Invitation only

June 13

14:00 - 15:00

Promotion of Sustainable Business Report

Sustainable Business Report “SDGs as a solution and a business opportunity” is a result of SDG mapping of value chains in the sectors of furniture production and automotive parts in BiH.

Presentation of the Sustainable Business Report will be held in the framework of the multi-stakeholder consultations on the SDG Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be held on 13 and 14 June 2019. The presentation will be led by Mr. Igor Lukšić with colleagues from PriceWaterhouseCoopers and among the panelists we expect representatives of the management board Prevent CEE and GAZZDA.

Presentation of the report will take place at Hotel Hills in Sarajevo from 14h00 to 15h00.

*Invitation only