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About the SDG Business Week 2020

Building on the results of the first SDG Business Conference organized by the Project in 2018 and the first SDG Business Week held in 2019, the SDG Business Week 2020 will focus on recovery, leadership and innovation as a platform to building back better using SDGs as a guiding principle. SDG Business Pioneers Award 2020 will continue to be one of the flagship events in the Week along with a number of independently organized events under the framework of the SDG Business Week 2020.

5-9 October 2020


5 October 2020


On-line conference: Digital Transformation for Sustainable Economy

This year’s SDG Business Week was officially opened by the online conference “Digital Transformation for a Sustainable Economy”, which presented the European Digital Strategy (Digital Single Market), as well as specific examples of policies / mechanisms used in EU countries to support this type of digital transition. economy. In addition, good solutions in the field of digital transformation in BiH were presented. The conference was opened by Johanna Strömquist, Swedish Ambassador to BiH, and Steliana Nedera, UNDP Resident Representative in BiH. The conference outlined ways to integrate expertise into digitization processes, including data analytics, application programming interfaces (APIs), artificial intelligence and machine learning, and other technologies that offer corporations valuable ways to improve their competitiveness.

At the very opening of SDG Business Week, Steliana Nedera stated:

“With its relatively good communication and internet infrastructure and fast-growing IT sector, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a unique position to use digitalization for sustainable economic growth. The COVID-19 pandemic only further emphasized the need for accelerated digital transformation in all sectors, including the private sector. “

Eminent lecturers from the EU DG Connect, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Center for Digital Transformation of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Tetrapak and others participated in the event organized in partnership with the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina. cooperation with UNDP Accelerator Lab, D4D and EU4Business.

The event is organized in partnership with the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in cooperation with UNDP Accelerator Lab, D4D and EU4Business.

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6 October 2020


SDG Business Pioneers Award 2020

United Nations Development Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP BiH), with support of  Sweden, at a ceremony organized at the International Center for Children and Youth Novo Sarajevo in Sarajevo proclaimed the SDG Business Pioneers in BiH for the second time ever.

The SDG Business Pioneers Award ceremony is the final event of the annual SDG Business Pioneers competition for 2020, which aims to promote private sector efforts in the field of sustainable development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The awards were given for achievements in the thematic fields “People” and “Resources and Environment”, and the overall winner for Bosnia and Herzegovina was announced.

More info about the SDG Business Pioneers Award for 2020  on https://zamisli2030.ba/business-pioneers-2020/

7 October 2020


Leaders Tribe by Softhouse Balkans – POSTPONED


The theme of this year’s LeadersTribe is “Leadership in Crisis: Challenging the Status-Quo”. A crisis is always an opportunity to do things differently, to challenge the mainstream, and offer a more purposeful approach to problems that seemed too complex to tackle. Organized as part of the SDG Business week, this Leaders tribe brings together experts from different continents around the globe to talk to you about the paradigm shift we will have to engineer if we wish to see government, education, healthcare, and business sectors functioning to the benefit of our Planet.

The speakers will include inspiring leaders from different parts of the globe (including speakers from Australia, Europe, North america and Asia).

In cooperation with Softhouse Balkans and Softhouse Sweden


8 October 2020


SDG Accelerator for SMEs – Sounding Board

Companies participating in SDG Accelerator for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) programme presented their business ideas to the Sounding Board.

Each company held a 10-minute presentation during today’s event in order to demonstrate the business valuation behind the proposed solution. After that the Sounding Board used an additional 10 minutes to give their suggestions for the proposed business ideas.

In order to comply with the epidemiological measures, the companies’ representatives waited their turn to present in a separate hall and there they followed the other presentations over Zoom platform. The Sounding Board members from Denmark also joined the event over Zoom.

The Sounding Board was made up of Stine Kirsten Junge from UNDP Denmark, Amir Ćoralić, the president of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in BiH, Lada Buševac, the Director of IFC office in BiH, Igor Jokić from Raiffeisen Bank BiH, Ismar Ćeremida representing UNDP in BiH, Bahare Haghshenas and Soren Schou from acacia – the Sustainable Innovation Hub of Deloitte Denmark.

SDG Accelerator for SMEs aims to accelerate innovations and the growth of small and medium enterprises through the development of new business solutions that are in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG Accelerator for SMEs is unique in that it combines UNDP’s insights into challenges to achieving SDGs with the advice of a network of carefully selected experts as well as advisory competencies of the prominent professional services company Deloitte in the innovation process.

It is organized as part of the „SDGs Roll-Out Support and Private Sector Engagement“ Project, implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH and financed by Sweden.

In cooperation with Deloitte

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9 October 2020


Role of Entrepreneurial Universities in creation of new generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs: Vision 2030

Lead by International Burch University, the SDG Business Week presented a panel where young innovators and sector business leaders had the opportunity to discuss the future of business and value of education in promotion of new entrepreneurs as well as support to interpreneurship in companies.

The event also engaged the youth through competition on social media that resulted in selection of the most innovative solution that is based on SDGs created by students. The best innovation was awarded by the Project.

The list of panelists included representatives of acknowledged leaders in the business sector and winners of the innovation challenge.

In cooperation with International Burch University