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Out of a total of 360 registered companies for the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH for the year 2024, 32 finalist companies were selected that showed exceptional results in the areas of sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility.

We are proud to announce that the finalists have been selected for the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH for 2024 in the categories “People” and “Resources and Environment”. These companies come from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and operate in different sectors. Of the total number of registered companies, 28% are large and medium in terms of the number of employees, while a total of 72% are small and micro registered companies, which are even more numerous in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Out of a total of 360 registered companies, 32 companies were selected as finalists. These outstanding business leaders are highlighted for continuously providing equal opportunities to women, men and young people, and for people from vulnerable groups, for providing opportunities for education and providing higher wages to employees, for involving and supporting the community, and for significant investments in digitization, innovation and equipment that reduce environmental pollution, and other examples of its exceptional commitment to sustainable development and contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The finalists for the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH for 2024 in the “People” category, companies that inspire others because of the way they treat their employees, clients and create quality workplaces, are the large companies TT kabeli, Telemach BH and dm drogerie markt, then medium-sized companies Trio, G&S Traders, iForm and Walter AEC, small ISATIS, SEEBA and Unija Smart Accounting, and micro companies Desinfecta and San Tech Medik.

In the “Resources and Environment” category, the finalist companies that focus on the decarbonization process and actively reduce their environmental footprint are the large company Bosnalijek, medium-sized Lukavac Cement, Porsche BH, ProCredit Bank and Walter Code, small T&E and Codaxy, and micro company Obrazovaliste.

In both categories, the finalists are large companies Lanaco, Sparkasse Bank and Raiffeisen Bank, then medium-sized Zira and Weltplasti, small companies ODM Collections, Smrčak and PIK, and micro companies Greens, PM Bubamara, House of Beekeeping simecs group and Green Vision Eco Tours.

Each of these companies stand out for their sustainable practices, innovation and positive impact on society and the environment, and their commitment to global sustainability goals is an inspiration to all. The finalists will be promoted through the communication channels of UNDP in BiH and through the “Imagine2030” Facebook page.

You can check out our interactive map which shows the locations of all the companies that were in consideration for the final round below.

The Award is organized as part of the “Translating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina into Sustainable and Inclusive Growth” programme, financed by Sweden and implemented by UNDP in partnership with UNICEF and UN Women, within the overall support of the United Nations to the BiH authorities in implementing the SDG Framework in BiH. The official partner of this Award is the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The winners of the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH for 2024 will be solemnly announced at the final ceremony that will be held on August 20 and will gather around 200 guests, representatives of leading BiH. companies, representatives of local authorities, international and local organizations and other honored guests. For more information about the Award, visit the website www.zamisli2030.ba.