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Achieving Agenda 2030 will take an unprecedented effort by all sectors in society – and private sector has to play a very important role in the process.


The SDGs not only identify where private sector needs to be in 2030 to create a sustainable world which leaves nobody behind, they also outline new markets and opportunities for companies all over the world. With the SDGs, businesses have gained a new “north star” for a world in constant change. A universal compact for humanity, the SDGs provide a shared vision for the world we want to create – and a clear understanding that we all must contribute for it to become a reality.

For companies to navigate the critical developments of the new millennium, it takes a keen sense of emerging trends, a grounding in ethics and values that consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly invested in, and sustainable operations from start to finish. The businesses that understand this challenge and take action will be a step ahead. To achieve lasting and widespread sustainability results, all companies must take on fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption in order to end discrimination, provide a safe workplace, halt toxic pollution, and stop bribery.

Many companies globally are already starting to look through the SDG lens  – imagining how their operations, products and services can support the realities of our planet and better serve markets today and in the future. To support scaling up of this movement, as well as to provide for effective engagement of the private sector in the SDG planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is necessary to raise awareness among private sector actors and demonstrate how businesses can unlock economic, social and environmental gains in their markets for the new SDG era.

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