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Ms Tereza Dohnalova

Every year we throw the enormous 2.12 billion tons of waste. If all that waste was put on trucks arranged one in front of the other – the length of the column would be equal to the length of the two circumferences of the planet Earth. Packaging’s and other waste are only moved from place to place in the hope that at least some of it will sometimes be recycled. And what if it were not there? It’s far more sensible to prevent the problem – people should not create waste at all. We should “pre-cycle”.
This is exactly the solution offered by the “MIWA” (Minimum Waste) initiative and educational platform that won the 2018 SDG Award in the Czech Republic in the Business category. MIWA Initiatives believe that education towards sustainable thinking is crucial if people want to accept shopping habits without packaging.
Tereza Dohnalova is the Head of Education and Event Manager, who manages the educational platform entitled “Minimum Waste”. She organizes various events on waste prevention and sustainable consumption – discussions, presentations, workshops, film screenings.

Theresa will present “Minimum Waste” on Monday, 10. June, from 12:00h, Live Stream from Sarajevo, and talk about waste prevention, sustainable consumption, and products without packaging.

So, say hello to pre-cycling!