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Maja Hadžiselimović

Maja Hadžiselimović is a master of mechatronics at the University of Novi Sad. She is currently working in MRK Systeme GmbH as a software developer of robotics in the development of applications for human robots in the automotive industry, as well as in German Bionic Systems to develop the first industrial exoskeleton in Augsburg, Germany. Maja actively shares her experience in robotics and automation and motivates young people, especially girls, to take over robotics in BiH and become an active part of the IT sector. She is the national coordinator for the European Robotics Week in BiH and is responsible for the organization of events and the promotion of BiH institutions and companies that seek to bring STEM and research into robotics closer to the public. Her master’s thesis was among six projects selected worldwide for the KUKA Innovation Award 2016. Maja has been involved in several volunteer programs for children and charity organizations.

On the webinar, which will be available on Monday, 10. June from 12h for watching through the link, under the topic Education and critical thinking against fear of technology, Maja will talk about active participation in technology development, about which new professions are brought about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and how to prepare for these new professions.