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Ola Rosling

Ola is a Swedish statistician known for his work for Gapminder on changing the global quality of life. He is the chairman, director and co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation.

Rosling co-founded the Gapminder Foundation together with his wife Anna Rosling Rönnlund and his father Hans Rosling. Since 1999 Ola lead the development of the Trendalyzer software, which was acquired by Google in 2007. At Google Ola and his team delivered the Motion Chart as part of Google Spreadsheets. As Product Manager for Google Public Data Ola then helped democratized access to Public Statistics by developing the infrastructure needed to make official statistics part of Google Search results. For this work he and his wife were awarded with the World Technology Award in Design in 2010.

Ola & Anna went back to Gapminder in 2011 to develop free teaching materials for a fact-based worldview. In 2014 Ola coined the term Factfulness, which Gapminder is now promoting in order to make the education about Sustainable Development less ideological and more fact-based. Together with Anna and Hans, Ola wrote the Factfulness book, launched in April 2018.