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Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

An example of good practice

For the purposes of employment, professional rehabilitation and achieving the more complete labor and social integration of persons with
disabilities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on Professional Rehabilitation, Training and Employment of Persons with Disabilities and established the Fund for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities in 2010. Over the period 2010–2015, the Fund supported the employment of 652 persons; since 2015, it has supported the employment of 2,706 persons with disabilities. In compliance with its legal obligation, the Fund refunds allowances and salaries for more than 1,950 employees with disabilities.

An example of good practice

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina supports returnee projects each year in order to help ensure sustainable return. A number of public calls for project proposals supporting returnees were announced in 2017 within the continuing process of finding employment for internally displaced persons and returnees. A total of 745 projects assisting over 1,000 returnee households were  implemented in both entities through programs of support to employment and self-employment for returnees through small business and agriculture and projects for professional training of young highly educated returnees.

An example of good practice

The program for transformation of institutional care and prevention of separation of children in Republika Srpska is being implemented together with an operational plan and a plan for the transformation of the public residential childcare institution for children without parental care ‘Rada Vranjesevic’ in Banja Luka, which is the only such institution in Republika Srpska. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of children without parental care in residential institutions and to introduce new services and provide support aimed at reuniting children with their biological parents. New services include the establishment of kindergartens, respite care services, a resource center with counselling services, a reception center, a day care center, supported housing and a family support unit.