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Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

An example of good practice

In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Asset Forfeiture Act has been in force since 2014. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina owns permanently forfeited assets and the income received from their sale or rental. The Federation Forfeited Assets Management Agency manages forfeited cash, shares, real estate and movable property worth around BAM 15 million (EUR 7.5 million equivalent). Cash accounts for 52 % of the total value of forfeited assets. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina transferred the first cash seized to the account of the Parental House in Sarajevo, which provides a second home for children with cancer and their parents that offers a family atmosphere and a place where they can take time-out to relax away from the hospital setting.

An example of good practice

In Republika Srpska, a total amount of BAM 22 million (EUR 11 million) has been seized of which BAM 1,440,000 (around 750,000) was permanently forfeited since 2010 when the Asset Forfeiture Act came into force and the Forfeited Asset Management Agency was established.

An example of good practice through partnership

In cooperation with the International Financial Corporation, which is a member of the World Bank group, Bosnia and Herzegovina has implemented a project on business registration reform in the entities and in Brčko District, in several separate phases. The reform requires drafting new laws or amending the existing set of laws in order to reduce the financial burden on businesses and to remove unnecessary administrative steps that inhibit the competitiveness of businesses and investments. Republika Srpska has gone farthest in the reform and is now creating opportunities for online business registration. In addition to setting up one-stop-shop for business registration, Republika Srpska has formed a single business register. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brčko District are in the initial phase of the business registration reform and are working toward setting up a one-stop-shop business registration center as a precondition for online business registration.