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Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

An example of good practice through partnership

Wishing to support job creation, the Government of Switzerland supported a project for the construction of a logistical center for craftsmen and for small and medium-sized agribusiness entrepreneurs in the Osrdak business building in Posusje in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was implemented by UNDP. The center was established in order to develop small entrepreneurships and to assist craftsmen and agricultural entrepreneurs in performing technological processing and in the storage of their products, using energy from renewable sources for their own needs. In cooperation with the Association for Economic Development READAH (a regional development agency), the center provides extension services to agricultural entrepreneurs and marketing advisory services to start-up entrepreneurs.

An example of good practice

The Innovation Centre in Banja Luka (ICBL) is the first combined center with state-of-the-art equipment for the support and development of entrepreneurship in Republika Srpska. It is firmly resolved to support the development of companies capable of offering advanced commercial solutions to a wide market in the form of products, services, job opportunities and improved business processes based on knowledge and the application of innovative and advanced technologies. While providing support to entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses, ICBL offers its beneficiaries considering starting up a business or who want to develop a business story through incubation all of the necessary elements for their successful professional development and innovation. In cooperation with accredited companies, institutions of education and experts with extensive experience in economy and from the academic community, ICBL offers professional development services through the delivery of internationally certified and nationally recognized training courses. The founders of ICBL are the Ministry
for Scientific and Technological Development, the Higher Education and Information Society of Republika Srpska and the City of Banja Luka.

An example of good practice

The Ministry for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded grants within the project ‘Building Entrepreneurial Zones in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’ in 2018 aimed at incentivizing entrepreneurship and crafts in seven local government units in the entity: Visoko, Vitez, Maglaj, Gracanica, Posusje, Zenica and Livno. Local authorities cofinanced the project to a minimum rate of 30 %. The goal of the project is to encourage the construction of infrastructure of entrepreneurial zones in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a prerequisite for economic growth and employment at the local level. Grants were awarded for the second time in 2018 for entrepreneurial zones in 27 local government units and it is expected that these grants will encourage projects that will employ 1,336 people in 95 new companies.

An example of good practice

The Municipality of Stari Grad (Old Town) in Sarajevo has announced, for the second year running, a call for business proposals from young unemployed people under the age of 35 to be financed or co-financed by the Municipality. These financial awards cover start-up costs: business registration, labor, rental, revolving funds, social contributions and other such costs.