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SDG ljudi

Are your employees important to you?

Are you paying decent salaries?

Is business ethics important to you?

Is it important for you to pay your employees wages that offer the basis for a dignified life?

Are you investing in innovation and training?

SDG okoliš

Do you care about the environment?

Are you actively reducing your environmental footprint?

Is your company thinking about innovation? Do you have a plan that gives everyone an opportunity to reach their maximum potential?

Are you actively investing in new technologies and developing your own solutions?

SDG nagrada

Do you offer equal opportunities to everyone?

Do you employ and promote young people, women and people with disabilities?

Are you creating employment opportunities for young people, women, vulnerable groups in your line of work?

Do you have equal rules for all?


If your answer is "yes" ...

If your answer is "yes" ...

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Embrace the business opportunity!

12,000,000,000,000 USD (yes, 12 trillion!) are the estimated market opportunities opened by the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

(report by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission Better Business, Better World).

Be a leader!

Awarded companies will be recognized and will receive the “SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH 2020 – Winner” trophy.

Lead a trend!

All finalists and the winners will receive e-packs with the logos “Winner/Finalist – SDG Business Pioneer in BiH 2020” and will be authorized to use the SDG Business Pioneers Award “seal” in their business communication and on e-platforms.

Promote your results!

UNDP will promote all finalists via communication channels, during event promotions, and on social networks!

Show your progress!

The application process is structured to follow GRI standards and provide “blueprint” basis to companies for their first reports on the state of implementation of Sustainable Development Goals at the company level. Be among the first companies to have annual sustainability report!

Be a part of a global story!

The information about the winners in each category will be shared with the UN Global Compact network, for the purpose of possible selection for the Global SDG Awards (https://www.globalsdgawards.com). The finalists and the winners will be promoted at the major UN and UNDP events during 2020/2021.