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SDG ljudi

Are your employees important to you?

Are you paying decent salaries?

Is business ethics important to you?

Is it important for you to pay your employees wages that offer the basis for a dignified life?

Are you investing in innovation and training?

SDG okoliš

Do you care about the environment?

Are you actively reducing your environmental footprint?

Is your company thinking about innovation? Do you have a plan that gives everyone an opportunity to reach their maximum potential?

Are you actively investing in new technologies and developing your own solutions?

SDG nagrada

Do you offer equal opportunities to everyone?

Do you employ and promote young people, women and people with disabilities?

Are you creating employment opportunities for young people, women, vulnerable groups in your line of work?

Do you have equal rules for all?


If your answer is "yes" ...

If your answer is "yes" ...

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Companies can apply for the award for the theme “People” and/or for the award for the theme “Resources and Environment”.


The SDG Business Pioneers Award 2020 in this theme will be awarded to companies that inspire others in the way they treat their employees and clients and create decent jobs (SDG 8 and SDG 10). A particular spotlight will be turned on companies that lead in the employment of youth, women, highly qualified staff, and employees coming from vulnerable groups (SDG 5). The award will also promote breadth and depth in the sales and supply chain (SDG 9), community relations, as well as ethical business and solutions that lead to company-wide zero-corruption policies (SDG 16).

Resources and Environment

The SDG Business Pioneers Award 2020 in this theme will be awarded to companies that actively reduce their  environmental footprint, as well as to those that purposefully and continuously improve their value chains (SDG 12 and SDG 9) and actively contribute to the development of their communities. Ethical business and solutions leading to zero-level corporate corruption (SDG 16), as well as the development, new technologies, and the in-house innovation process (SDG 5 and SDG 11) will be rewarded.