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Call for the private sector companies to apply for the SDG Business Pioneers award in BiH for 2019

SDG Business Pioneers Award in BIH is the first annual competition of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina aiming to promote private sector’s efforts in the field of sustainable development in the country.

There are admirable activities and strategies of private companies contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals both globally and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH will:

• recognize and highlight efforts of private sector companies towards achieving the SDGs in BIH.

• motivate new actors in the sector to incorporate the SDGs into their business models.

The focus of this year’s SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH  is creation of decent jobs and protection of environment.  Therefore the competition will try to identify SDG Business Pioneers in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2019 in two themes:

Thematic area “People”:

SDG Business Pioneers in BiH for 2019 in this category will be companies that are inspiration to others in the ways they treat their employees and customers and create decent jobs (SDG 8 & SDG 10). A particular attention will be dedicated to recognition of companies that excel in provision of working conditions and treatment of women and vulnerable populations in respective companies (SDG 5). The Award will also promote ethical business and solutions leading to 0 corruption policies at company level (SDG 16).

Thematic area “Resources and Environment”

SDG Business Pioneers in BiH for 2019 in this category will be companies that prove that they think about their eco foot print and the ones that deliberately and continually improve their value chains (SDG 12 & 9). Investment in people, research & development and new technologies will also be evaluated as well as the innovation process within the company (SDG 5 & 11).

The award for SDG Business Pioneers in BiH is awarded to small, medium and large companies that apply with their projects.

More info and access to the application form via www.zamisli2030.ba/sdgpioneers.

The Award ceremony will be held on 12/06/2019 in Sarajevo. The application period for the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BiH for 2019 is opened from January 1 to March 22, 2019. Deadline for submission of applications is March 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

The Award is organized in the framework of “SDG Roll-Out Support and Private Sector Engagement” project implemented by UNDP and financed by the Swedish Government.