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Eggshells – an innovative biomaterial for the future

In today’s world where we face the challenges of climate change and an increased ecological footprint, the story of innovations such as eggshell biomaterials becomes an inspiration and a guide for us all.

Until recently, we lived with the thought that waste is an inevitable byproduct of our daily lives. However, waste can be transformed into the key to creating a new era of sustainability.

Thanks to innovations like eggshell biomaterials, we are witnessing a revolution in the way we view our world.

This is where Maja, the first biodesigner from Bosnia and Herzegovina, performs. Her interest in biodesign began as a passion for environmental conservation, and thus she entered the world of living organisms, the search for sustainable biomaterials and solutions for global environmental problems.

Her works have been exhibited in prestigious cities around the world, from London to Belgrade, and she was a member of the BIOFABRIKA European Capital of Culture program where she led lectures and workshops and participated in conversations about biodesign with artists, designers and scientists.

Eggshells became a key raw material in the creation of this revolutionary biomaterial. After thorough processing and drying, eggshells become a biodegradable promotional material that can be used in various forms.

The process of creating biomaterials from eggshells is not only a technological advance, but also a philosophy. Here, science, design and ecology come together to create a material that is not only environmentally friendly, but also functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Eggshell biomaterial is a bridge to the fourth industrial revolution, the sustainability revolution.

The story of the eggshell biomaterial is one of inspiration, transformation and creating a sustainable future – one step at a time, one biodegradable piece at a time.

The representative of the SDG2BiH program presented symbolic gifts made of this very material to the ambassador of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Helena Lagerlöf.

Programme “Translating the SDGs Framework in BiH into Sustainable and Inclusive Growth (SDG2BiH)” is funded by Sweden and implemented by UNDP in partnership with UNICEF and UN Women, as part of the overall United Nations program to support the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in coordination with the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office in BiH.