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Aleksandar Hangimana

Aleksandar Hangimana started his career at ManpowerGroup in 2012, in the sales sector. Shortly thereafter, he was recognized as the leader of the company, which he still leads with great success, as the country’s director. ManpowerGroup, which has the vision to become a leader in creating and delivering innovative HR solutions and services, shares his knowledge, expertise, and resources so that anyone can understand what is important now and what will matter in the labor market. Aleksandar’s business is based on values ‚Äč‚Äčthat promote people, knowledge and innovation.

He attributes the success of the company to its employees, believing that every business success is conditioned by the quality of people working in it. ManpowerGroup’s business policy is such that every contribution – employees, clients and candidates – is encouraged and rewarded. Today, ManpowerGroup, with more than 50 internally and 3,000 employees working for the client, is one of the fastest growing companies in its business.

Lecture at the amphitheater “Centrotrans” at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo, during which his experience, knowledge, advice and ideas will be presented by Aleksandar Hangimana on Tuesday, 11. June from 12:00h, can be followed through Live Streams.