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Zlatan Tuce

Zlatan Tuce is a psychologist by education. He says he is “in love with human resources management” and describes himself as a HR professional with international experience working with different clients from different countries. He is currently responsible for implementing and overseeing organizational development issues at Roche Pharma Germany. For 13 years of diverse HR experience, Zlatan has outperformed several HR areas with a focus on Talent & Career Management, Performance Management & Organizational Development. So far, he has been dealing with developing and implementing the abovementioned activities in international and domestic companies, at different levels in organizations.

In addition to his regular business, his passion is personal branding and career development. Zlatan likes to share ideas about personal development and growth and enjoys learning from successful people.

On Tuesday, 11. June, from 12:00h in the amphitheater “Centrotrans” at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo, Zlatan Tuce will talk about market trends in terms of career development, how the environment affects organizations, and how organizations affect the life of the employees? You can follow the lecture live, but also through live streaming.

If you are an employer – follow the lecture (live or online) and find out what you can do to overcome the challenges that are ahead of you, and if you are employee – to find out what are the new standards and what is and what will be “new normal” when it comes to jobs in the future.