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Innovative leaders of sustainable development in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Encouraging examples for a sustainable future

The winners of the SDG Business Pioneers Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2023, whose announcement was held on 14 June 2023 at the Youth Theater in Sarajevo, expressed their satisfaction with this prestigious award. This Award is intended for companies that create and retain quality jobs and actively reduce their impact on the environment. The award was given as part of the programme “Translating the SDG Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina into sustainable and inclusive growth” (SDG2BIH), which is a joint initiative funded by Sweden and implemented by UNDP in partnership with UNICEF and UN Women. This initiative provides support to the BiH authorities in the implementation of the SDG Framework for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the country.

Dekonta BH

Maja Čolović-Daul from the company Dekonta BH, the winner of the award for micro enterprises in the category „People“, expressed her satisfaction and honor that her micro company received this prestigious award. She points out that the award confirms their dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their desire to create a positive impact on individuals and society in general. Maja emphasizes that this recognition is a validation of their efforts in promoting sustainable practices and empowering individuals and communities. She also emphasizes the importance of cooperation and collective efforts in achieving the broader goals of building an inclusive, fair and resilient world.


In the category of small companies, in the thematic area “People”, the company SEEBA won the prize. Dina Šiber stated that the company firmly believes that its employees are its greatest asset. They pride themselves on responsible resource management and investing in employees. They actively support flexible ways of working, teamwork and transparent communication. Winning the prestigious award for the second year in a row confirms their efforts in sustainable development. This inspires them to encourage other companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina to accept sustainability as a core value of their business. SEEBA’s mission is to empower leaders who want to create a better future and achieve positive change through sustainable business practices.

ZEOS eko-sistem

Mahir Bjelonja from the company ZEOS eko-sistem, which is the winner of the award in the thematic area “Resources and the environment”, expresses his gratitude for the recognition that confirms the importance and efficiency of their business. He emphasizes that the award represents motivation to continue their efforts in providing additional value to the ecosystem in which we live and to the Earth. Mahir emphasizes the importance of new technologies, creative business models and environmentally responsible practices in creating sustainable solutions for the future.


Company Smrčak won the award for small companies in the thematic area “Resources and the environment”. Marko Mijatović points out that this award is a confirmation that they are on the right track towards the achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Their company strives for energy independence while preserving the environment. They hope that the other companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow their example in order to achieve the goal of decarbonization by 2050. The award will be significant for their customers and other interested parties as it will clearly demonstrate their contribution to global sustainability goals and responsibility towards the environment.

GS-Tvornica mašina

Snježana Kopruner from GS-Tvornica mašina Travnik points out that receiving the SDG Business Pioneers Award is a great recognition for their commitment to sustainability and employee well-being. The award inspires them to continue  their employment policy and invest in the development of their employees. It also gives them the opportunity to connect with other leaders and experts and exchange ideas and best practices.


The absolute winner of the SDG Business Pioneers Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2023 is the company that also won the highest number of points for compliance with the GRI standard (Global Reporting Initiative) and the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. Klika.

“We are proud that through all these years, with a strategic approach based on our values and together with our team, we have created a company that truly lives everything that has been recognized through these awards. Winning all of the three categories is a clear sign that our dedication to the elements of healthy and quality living and business, to people and the environment, is the right direction that we will firmly stick to in the future. We are grateful to UNDP for this project and the opportunity to be heard, not only for the positive practices in our company, but also the positive practices of many companies from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, to whom we also congratulate for their dedication, nominations and awards”.

Samir Eljazović, CEO of Klika

These statements from the winners of the SDG Business Pioneers Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the year 2023 clearly show their commitment to sustainable development, responsible management of resources, employee well-being and creating a positive impact on the community. Their efforts and successes inspire other companies to accept sustainability as a core business value and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This award provides an opportunity to connect with other sustainable development leaders and share ideas and best practices, opening the door to further progress towards a more sustainable future for all.