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Presenting the presenters: Strong women giving out SDG Business Pioneers Awards

A spark of innovation and promotion of values aligned with the sustainable development goals run hand in hand with the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BIH. In addition to providing spotlight to companies that provide decent jobs and reduce their impact in the environment in BIH, the Award made an effort to “walk the talk”.  To illustrate the statement, the presenters of the Award are carefully selected every year.

In 2019, the presenters of the Award were young (15-18 years old) Olympic medallists, winners of international maths competitions, promising athlets and alike.  In 2020, the presenters were young innovators and winners of the hackathons to alleviate covid impact. In 2021, the presenters were the winners of the Award in 2020. 

The presenters in the 2022 edition of the SDG Business Pioneers Award in BIH will be strong, powerful women, many of them hailing from business world themselves. It is our great honor and privilege to present these women.

Azra Osmančević

Azra Osmancevic, ex lawyer and general counsel, is co-founder of the legal tech company Justic and Head of Business Development at Viaplay Group, one of the world’s fastest growing streaming groups. She is an active angel investor, serves on several boards and is the founder of the mentorship program Femtorship.

Azra was ranked #12 on the list of Female Leaders Of The Future in Sweden 2022 and is a frequent keynote speaker with a focus on leader- and entrepreneurship.

Šeila Mujić

Srebrenica is Seila’s hometown that she had to leave as a three-year-old. After that, together with her family, she went in search of a better tomorrow that she found in Sweden. Despite the fact that she left Bosnia as a child, Seila points out that she still gives great importance to this country in forming her as a person who she become today.

Seila has applied for her first managerial position in 2020. She then advanced in various fields including as a manager for rehabilitation and various projects. Based on her positions, Seila was named Sweden’s best manager in health and care in 2021 as the youngest person at the age of 29. Seila is also ranked as one of the leaders of the future in 2022 in all areas. Behind the awards is Ledarna – the main Swedish organization for managers.

Selma Klipić

Masters in Mechnical Engineering and several years of experience from different positions within Operations at global companies such as Volvo Group and Sandvik. Currently Operations Manager at Trimble.

Tanja Lučić

Tanja Lučić has a master’s degree in economics and is employed in the Directorate for Economic Planning of the Council of Ministers as the head of the Department for Coordination of Preparation, Monitoring of Implementation and Evaluation of Development Documents in BiH Institutions. She has been dealing with strategic planning for 10 years.

Tatjana Vučić

Strategist. Visionary. Changemaker. Many times throughout her life awarded for her excellence, in a great variety of areas, the latest one – Woman of the Year 2021 for Business Management. 

Tatjana Vučić is the executive director of Philanthropy Forum, the leading association of the greatest philanthropic companies, organizations, and individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tatjana completed her Post-master specialization in Strategic Management and Leadership at HARVARD University, with the highest grades, where she is engaged as an analyst on projects of global companies, mostly in high-tech industry. Tatjana worked for Ministry of Science and Technology of Republika Srpska, Rectorate of the University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, LANACO, MTEL, many consulting companies. One of the greatest impacts she made on society was on IT industry development, as the executive director of Bit Alliance, the leading association of IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She is a member of MENSA International, which makes up less than 2% of the world’s population, with above-average intelligence.

One of the most important Tatjana’s titles – proud Mother of three children.