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Record number of registered companies for this year’s Sustainable Business Leaders Award in BiH

The huge number of applications received for the Sustainable Business Leaders Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2023 is proof of the private sector’s awareness of the importance of sustainable business practices. The deadline for applications expired on March 31, and this year we will announce the fifth jubilee generation of sustainable business leaders.

This year, a record-breaking 114 companies applied! Compared to the previous year when 85 companies applied, this represents an increase of 34%!

That’s not all – these companies submitted an incredible 180 applications, which is an increase of as much as 75% compared to last year’s 103 applications.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony that will take place on June 14, 2023.

As a reminder, all private companies registered in BiH, regardless of their size (micro, small, medium, and large), were eligible to apply for the Award. Like in previous years, there will be two thematic areas (“People” and “Resources & Environment”).

The award-winning companies will receive the recognition “Sustainable Business Leaders Award in BiH 2023 – Winner,” and will be among some of the leading companies in BiH such as dm drogerie markt, Ministry of Programming, Heidelberg Cement, Klika, Mistral, Isatis, Dekonta, Lanaco, and many others…

The application process for the Sustainable Business Leaders Award in BiH 2023 is structured to follow GRI standards and to provide companies applying with a “blueprint” for their annual report on the implementation status of the Sustainable Development Goals at the company level. In this way, all companies have the opportunity to approach EU standards through the application and be among the first companies in BiH to have an annual report on sustainable business practices.

The applications have shown that there are numerous private sector initiatives that inspire us all because while the world is facing huge economic, social, and environmental challenges, there are fantastic examples in BiH that are leaders of the future.

All finalists will be part of the UNDP campaign that will promote them through its communication channels, during the event promotion, and on social media! The announcement of the award winners and the presentation of the trophies will take place at a ceremony attended by more than 100 guests, representatives of the private sector, international and local organizations, and representatives of public institutions.